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    Therapeutic balsam with violet and blue toning pigments

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    Violet Shot Mask CONDITIONING MASKS Range designed to prevent hair aging and oxidation Therapeutic balsam with violet and blue toning pigments Violet Shot Mask is a repairing therapeutic balsam with violet and blue toning pigments to neutralize unwanted hues. Toning power 9/10. A Violet Cocktail formula that nourishes and brightens hair. Especially suitable for highlighted, blonde, bleached or gray hair. VIOLET COCKTAIL Biokera Fresh is an organic hair care treatment born from the need for sustainable, vegan hair care based on natural ingredients. Its violet formula offer natural color pigmentation and a toning boost when used on blond, bleached or gray hair. The violet cocktail contains: Lavender: combats the effect of environmental stress on hair and delays the effects of oxidation typically seen on dyed and bleached hair. Its tannin content coats the hair fiber, protecting it from external damage. Blackcurrant: its high vitamin C content prevents color deterioration, whether hair is natural or colored-treated. Its richness in minerals and vitamins is ideal for strengthening and restoring hair fiber vitality. Indigo infusion: natural extract with a blue hue that counteracts warm brassy, orange and yellow hues. Protects the hair fiber while enhancing shine, providing the hair with added body and strength. Açai: its water-soluble pigments, or anthocyanins, have an effective anti-radical capacity, essential for increasing the resistance of the hair against oxidative processes. Its flavonoid content helps energize and tone the hair fiber and the hair follicle. Beetroot: its richness in nutrients and vitamins make it an essential ingredient to reverse accumulated damage to the hair and nourish it intensely, for a healthy and shiny appearance. HOW TO USE Wearing suitable gloves, apply to wet hair. Massage then leave to work for as many minutes as necessary, depending on the hair’s initial level and the required degree of toning. (see table). Then rinse off.

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